Thursday, 11 August 2011

Let Me Introduce You To...My Life!

Hye & Assalamualaikum!Hello gorgeous!Hai handsome!This is my first post and i think i better introduce myself right??Alrite dolls, lets begin...!!:-D
Let start with basic info, should we?Okey, my name is Siti Syazana Ahmad,but EVERYONE known me as Naffa..and they called me that and please don't ask why! I was born in Kuching on 18th July 1986 as a 2nd baby girl of my abah & my umi. The oldest would be my alluring sister Siti Aifa Zafirah a.k.a Epa..she's 26 by this year and she's married for a year plus already with Kashfi Sharif...and Aifa Jr keluar x lame lg!So excited you know!Ahakz!Actually i have 6 siblings,the 3rd is my brother Abu Zar a.k.a Abu (23yrs), my little sister Siti Arinah a.k.a Arin (22yrs),my youngest sister Siti Sobrina a.k.a Asob (20yrs) and my baby brother Abu Zaid a.k.a Asraf(19yrs)...Our abah name is Hj Ahmad Sedek and married with our fabulous umi Hjh Siti Zaleha Majidi. So this is my fantastic family..and we known as ASZA!

 I told you ASZA's "crew" is fantastic!Hehe!
Asza's headmaster...abah!
ASZA's banker...umi!Haha!
Kak Epa and her hubby on their wedding day last year...
 Our ustazah, Arin...
Lil sis, Asob
Meet ASZA's accountant..Abu!
Asraf, "baby" brother...:-)
Siblings...heart them!!Smokey Lavender also there...:-) 

Alright then lets continue.Erm...i'm still SINGLE...but not available...reserved by EddyYeo on 31st Dec 2010. By 2012, you can call me Mrs Yeo. Hahaha berangan!
 Smokey Lavender's him with all my heart!!

I'm diploma holder in Civil Engineering.Its hard you know to find a job hanya dengan segulung diploma ... lagi-lagi my result takde lah bagus sangat-sangat pun...hehe! Last time i work as Assistant Civil Engineer cum Project Coordinator at one of construction company in Kuching for a few years...(I meet my Mr.Tunang there as he work as Architect cum Interior Designer) But then i quit my job for some reason and now i'm jobless for a moment...kesian kan?I'm doing part time job now as Mary Kay's Beauty Consultant,the best product from USA!I rely fall in love with the products ever since i put it on my skin...OMG!!And guess what,my income from Mary Kay is double from my previous salary!How great is that huh?So i guess no more Mrs Engineer for me...
I want to make a confession...actually i dah ada anak..yeah of course not the real one!Its my kitty cat!I called her Shushi Ebby Noyya a.k.a Shushi (3yrs) and dia dah beranak 2 kali and now she's pregnant and tunggu nak bersalin je lagi for the 3rd time.The first "cycle" i kept...but then the 2nd one i have to let them uncle-uncle adopt them actually.Bankrupt kalo i jaga...mahal sangat makanan die org!~ Orite guys lets meet them...
Adorable!This is Shushi...
With her babies,Xumell, Womish, Marcy & Lumix! 
Lumix Chia Shummerra
Marcy Audi Carradeva @ Marcy
Maxumell Ximi Audell @ Xumell
Womish Sia Vandetta @ Womish
2nd generation that i let go...   

Dah,cukup lah a bit about me okey?Will update next time!Take Care!Muacks!XoXo!

p/s: sorry if my english broken,coz saya bukan anak org puteh pun...lagi malu kalau x reti bahasa sendiri...hehehe!

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